for vital, healthy birds

immune system

extra energy

breathing more freely



better gastrointestinal system


Vita Vogel has a balanced range of liquid nutritional supplements especially for pigeons based on the recipe for essential nutrients. Con Brio Colomba supports a freer breathing. Vivace Colomba contributes to a healthy immune system and gives extra energy. Gustoso Colomba contributes to an optimal digestion and ensures an anti-bacterial pollution of the drinking water.

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Our products are prepared for preventative use but can also be used curatively and are available in 50 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml packs and are suitable for all types of birds.

Benefits of liquid food supplements

Sick birds will be drinking

Illness often results in a reduced feed intake while water intake is maintained. This makes it easier to support sick animals via the drinking water.

Quick and adequate intervention

By adding liquid nutritional supplements to the drinking water, rapid and adequate action can be taken. Food via drinking water is easily absorbed and quickly available.

Specify user period

The usage period can be determined for yourself. With one simple operation the product use can be continued or stopped.

Each bird a separate dose

Birds can be supported separately if desired. When additives are added to the feed, this is usually not possible.

Completes the ration

In order to supplement or complete the ration, minerals and vitamins can easily be added via the drinking water. Animals get the necessary nutrients at the right time.

Both preventive and curative

Liquid nutritional supplements can be used both preventively and in situations where acute action is required. With preventive use, your bird stays in top condition.